How to play: Press any button on mouse or keyboard to zap the invaders as they  warp by the defense gate ! (*currently mouse scrolling activates the gate as well)

Watch and listen as they show up, and you will be able to respond and destroy them!

The hand is there to tell you who's turn it is. Red means it is the aliens turn, then it turns green when it's your turn to respond. The progress bar is just there to show how much time is left of the turn (so you know when it's going to be your turn to respond).

Also, the finger "waggles" back and forth every time a note plays, so the player can look at that instead instead of listening (though it's still hard to play without sound at the moment).

You can use regular bombs to destroy the current invaders and restore your shields power it has lost that round.

You can also use the heart bombs to restore the shields to full energy and destroy all invaders!

Leaderboard is only available on Android at the moment. It may be an older version on Android:

Please leave comments, this is still a WIP!

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